Create your own
website in minutes

Easy to use online web builder so you can create your own modern, great website with no skill required – and built especially for Mac. Simple.

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From just $5.99/month

Backup all your
files in the cloud

Versatile cloud backup space for desktop drag-and-drop on your Mac or via browser or FTP using your favorite backup program. Fast, secure and really easy.

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professional hosting

Host multiple HTML web sites from any program, including iWeb – and as many as you like at no extra cost. Easily add additional wordpress or web builder sites, domains and email. Great for small business. Great for Mac users.

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From just $10.00/month
What Our Customers Say...
I just want to emphasize that you all have exceeded my expectations thus far. Thanks again! I really look forward to my new home on the web.
Ernest Pyle -Texas USA16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
I do appreciate being able to phone and ask for help, and your patience in talking me through what I need to do
Elizabeth Colyer - Oxfordshire16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
You guys still rock. After all this time! You are the best software solution a non-geek like me has ever come across.
Helen Later - UK16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
MacMate is a god-send. Thanks.
Peter Jones - London16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
Just to say B I G thank you for patient effective tech support earlier this morning.
Alan Seckers - London16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
If only all our suppliers were as consistently brilliant as you guys - you never let us down and you solve all our problems. What more could we ask?
Blooberry Design - UK16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
After chasing my tail for several days with other so-called iWeb alternatives; MacMate was perfect. I can't thank you enough for such a good application.
David Langstraat - West Yorkshire16.05.2017
What Our Customers Say...
Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all the members of your wonderful team who never seem to tire of helping people like me.
Shirley Streater - UK16.05.2017
Great Reviews...
The important thing... is the performance, and here we were very impressed
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What Our Customers Say...
By far the most reliable and professional service I have ever subscribed to - in particular your tech support is extremely fast, efficient and friendly. I really couldn't imagine hosting anywhere else.
Mark Jones Consulting Ltd - UK23.02.2017