MacMate Timeline

  • 2007

    Way back in 2007, MacAce, our parent company and already an established Mac ISP, came up with a concept to provide disk storage in the cloud using FTP and AFP with a mountable drive on your Mac Desktop. We implemented this to our customers on a fairly low-key scale. The product proved popular and gained a loyal fanbase.
  • 2011

    Inspired by the announcement that Apple will be abandoning MobileMe and iWeb, we set a mission to design and fund the building of a replacement to help the hundreds of thousands of users that’ll be left with no hosting and no easy drag and drop storage for their Macs.
  • 2012

    We recruit a developer and raise initial funding to start building – with a June 2012 deadline. Our goal is to make MacMate easy to use and seamless to move iWeb hosting.
  • 2012

    MacMate v1 is launched in April 2012 to allow customers to start the easy task of changing their iWeb web host. We also have domain management, gallery and email included in the $99 per annum service.
  • 2013

    We add Filesharing and Galleries to MacMate, with public uploads added later in the year. We also come runner up in the MacWorld Best Business Software award!
  • 2014

    MacMate announces 2 new flavours: MacMate Lite and MacMate Disk – with MacMate Lite offering 10GB of free storage! We all needed some free space, right?
  • 2014

    WebBuilder and WordPress M3 become hosting options within MacMate – just to Make it Easy…
  • 2015

    Multisites are added so several web sites can be hosted within the same MacMate Account – any mix of web builder, standard HTML and WordPress.
  • 2015

    Web Builder v2 is launched together with our enhanced billing platform and some major server enhancements
  • 2017

    Backup, restore and reset feature added in preparation for our next big release….
  • 2017

    Multisites are now free and unlimited on MacMate Pro!

20 years of
Thinking Different

MacAce started life as a design agency in the 80’s and then a Apple Reseller and service centre in the 90’s. It was in 1996 that MacAce started providing internet service: broadband, hosting and email. MacAce has evolved over the years with its orginal founder and CEO, Gary Hall, still at the helm. Our passion for providing cutting-edge, premium services to Mac homes and businesses has not waivered, picking up some notable awards along the way.

MacWorld Awards 2009 – Best Web Host
MacUser Awards 2009 – 2012 – Web Host of the Year
The ISPA’s 2012 – Winner Customer Choice
The ISPAs 2014 – Winner Best Hosting
MacWorld Awards 2013 – Runner Up – Best Software
The ISPAs 2013 – Finalist Best Customer Service

Our Network

MacMate is powered by MacAce’s own core network based in Telehouse London, New York and Boston USA. The very highest levels of security and the fastest, well-maintained servers run a fully redundant system end-to-end – meaning we have no single point of failure in any of our systems. We’re connected to every corner of the Earth via our own network and partnerships with the world’s leading interconnects. We’re proud to own and manage our own super-fast, super-reliable network of over 150 servers with hundreds of terabytes of primary storage available.

Our network


Review from TechRadar
March 6th 2013

When Apple replaced MobileMe with iCloud there were some obvious omissions and functionality black holes, and the biggest for many were webhosting and iDisk functionality.

If you’re still hankering after such features and iCloud is still not to your liking, then MacMate may well be here to help solve your problem. Much like MobileMe, MacMate provides online storage, photo galleries, calendar sharing and email all in one place

Installing and setting up the MacMate tools is very easy, as is uploading content, and the photo galleries offer the usual options. Things like uploading and updating websites aren’t quite as seamless as they were under MobileMe, but neither are they complex, we’re sure even a novice user would get the hang of things very quickly.

MacMate is a good cloud service, and its focus is entirely on the Mac. The top tier price of £65 a year isn’t too bad, but with so many competing services offering free or cheaper tools for the same job it does seem a little high. Admittedly, the MacMate advantage is that all your services are under one roof rather than disparate tools from different providers.

So, if you’re after a cloud service and have either lost faith in Apple with its shift to iCloud, or need a way to host websites quickly and easily with a host of other options, then MacMate could well be the service for you.

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Review from Technology Tell at the MacWorld Exhibition in San Francisco
Febrary 19 2013

The MacMate Team – apart from having some of the coolest accents on the show floor (all the way from Cornwall, England) – were also showing off their Mac-specific hosting and cloud storage service. Since Apple discontinued web hosting and non-Photostream photo galleries with iCloud, and killed off iWeb for website creation, Mac users have been a bit short on options for our web hosting needs. Sharing files now requires the use of a third party service, while creation of photo galleries with more than the standard Photostream template requires custom tools. Luckily, MacMate provides an easy, well integrated solution for storing files in the cloud, creating dead simple photo galleries, using custom email/calendars, and hosting your website on your own personal domain.

Read the full review here.

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Macworld 5 Star Review and Editors Choice
July 27th 2012

Solid start; simple website creation; good range of features; reliable email; excellent support from award winning ISP and Mac specialists MacAce; up to 100GB storage space; reasonably priced.

Since it’s launch in April 2012, MacMate from award winning ISP MacAce, has been touted as a suitable replacement for Apple’s discontinued MobileMe service. MacMate now offers a similar package, including web hosting, cloud storage, Galleries and email. MacMate isn’t a MobileMe clone, which for some frustrated users will be a blessing, but is familiar enough to make the switch a painless process…

Macworld Buying Advice: MacMate is a simple and affordable way of having an online presence that doesn’t look cheap or feel compromised, while offering some useful online storage space and reliable email. Launched officially in beta, everything points to MacAce developing MacMate functionality further, fine tuning and adding new features and enhancements to what is very much a solid and secure start.

Read the full review here.

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Mac User Review

Many users found Apple’s iDisk service could be incredibly sluggish, and often reluctant to connect at all. In our Subjective testing, MacMate suffered none of these problems, uploading and downloading quite speedily.

It’s really simple and quick.

Download a PDF of the review.

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What Our Customers Say

After chasing my tail for several days with other so-called iWeb alternatives; MacMate was perfect. I can’t thank you enough for such a good application.
David Langstraat - West Yorkshire
Oh my god, I was worried about the thought of building a website. Web Builder is soooo easy and soooooo good! So pleased!
Penny McNeish - ScotlandScotland
I’m continually amazed by the service I get
Mr R Jones - UK
You guys still rock. After all this time! You are the best software solution a non-geek like me has ever come across.
Helen Later - UK
The Gold Standard is always how valued the customer feels… backed up by efficient, timely and accessible support. I feel highly valued, that’s so important.
John Wildgoose - Photographer UK
If only all our suppliers were as consistently brilliant as you guys – you never let us down and you solve all our problems. What more could we ask?
Blooberry Design - UK
Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all the members of your wonderful team who never seem to tire of helping people like me.
Shirley Streater - UK
MacMate is a god-send. Thanks.
Peter Jones - London
The important thing… is the performance, and here we were very impressed
…take pride in yourselves – you have an amazing product and are an amazing support team.
Andrew Baxter - Sussex UK